10 Essential Foot Poses for Selling Feet Pics Successfully

Recently, selling Feet Pics has become a popular way to make money, but if we think back a few years, it would have seemed ridiculous. Selling feet pics has become a full-time and part-time way for some people to earn extra income. There is a high demand for feet pics in marketing agencies.

If your feet are beautiful then you can also make money by selling feet pics as a feet model. You might be thinking that the characteristics of feet are important for selling feet pictures, but no, because foot poses are important for selling feet pics.

You should also consider elements like angle, lighting, and background along with foot poses, for selling feet pics. You can use legitimate platforms like FeetFinder to sell feet pics. To sell feet pics, you must get high-quality feet pics and have good basic technical knowledge.

In this guide, we have explained 10 essential foot poses for selling feet pics so that you can make money by selling foot pics.

10 Foot Poses for Selling Feet Pics

To sell feet pics, you’ll need to showcase tattoos, pedicured nails, and more. You need to pay more attention to the composition and aesthetics of the photo to attract potential buyers.

Natural photographs are the most famous in terms of popularity because everyone wants clear pictures. Thus, to sell and buy feet pics, you should pick natural images. You should take different foot poses for selling feet pics.

You may also choose to incorporate some movement, such as kicking, jumping, or pointing your toes in different directions. Keep reading to learn more about foot poses.

1. Soles of Feet

To sell feet pics, include the soles of your feet, as this pose shows the lower part of your feet. The soles of the feet are essential in foot photography, and the soles of the feet can attract potential clients. To add flair to your sexy feet pics, you can highlight the smoothness, wrinkles, or arches on the soles of your feet.

To give softness to the soles of your feet, you should moisturize them because, to sell pictures of your feet, you have to make them look good, and the customer will buy the picture only if it is beautiful. Soles in feet poses for selling feet pics may promote sexual arousal.

2. Temporary Feet Tattoos

You can make your photos more attractive by using temporary tattoos in foot poses for selling feet pics. By making tattoos on your feet, you can make them more attractive and attract more customers. Temporary tattoos can make the picture of your feet look different, in which case you can use henna designs and colorful patterns.

For those who are looking for the best pose to sell feet pics, this is a successful pose for their photos that can increase their sales. While taking a picture of your feet, you should position them in different ways, including raising them in the air or placing one foot in front and the other behind.

3. Take a Photo of Feet in the Air

You can take a picture by raising your legs in the air, which will look very attractive. You can cross your feet to make the picture look more attractive or take the image from any other angle. You can use a black or white backdrop to take pictures of your feet. You can also use marble tiles or others for the experience.

Taking photos with the foot raised in the air will further improve the beauty and attract the attention of consumers. Feet Poses for Selling Feet Pics help attract buyer attention and grow sales.

4. Adorn Feet With Jewelry

You should use jewelry to take pictures of your feet because decorating your feet with jewelry improves the glamor in the photo. You can also place jewelry somewhere in the image, which helps entice attention. For this pose, wear your favorite jewelry and click on the pictures.

You can use anklets and foot chains to improve the beauty of your feet. Don’t give your feet too much shadow or light. Jewelry in feet poses is a fantastic option for selling feet pics. This pose helps attract buyers and boost your feet pics sales.

5. Pose with Shoes

You can take photos of your feet wearing shoes, which changes the impression of your feet. You should wear different styles of shoes, keeping in mind the location and color palette. You can use high boots, lovely heels, and casual flip-flops to take photos of your feet, which improves the beauty of your pictures.

Contain these photos in your portfolio to attract buyer’s attention and increase sales of your feet pics. Shoes add creativity to your images. You can also hang the shoes while taking pictures of the feet, which will add a little attraction. Taking poses of feet wearing shoes is the best way to sell feet photos.

6. Capture Dancing Feet

Take pictures of your feet dancing to give them a new look. You can take different types of shots while dancing, and this helps in making your pictures attractive. If you are photographing the feet of ballet dancers, you may want to photograph them dancing slowly and holding one position for some time.

You might have never imagined that you could get such good poses while dancing. Feet pics with dancing steps are helpful to attract customers and increase sales. Foot poses to sell foot photos include dancing feet.

7. Photoshoot in Water

One of the most popular ways is to take pictures of feet in water. Taking pictures underwater is the best foot pose for selling foot photos. You can use any water body or swimming pool to take pictures in this pose. To take such a picture, you have to put your feet inside the water and capture it with the sun’s rays.

The best pose for you can be waves of water, and with raindrops, the beauty of the picture of your feet increases even more. Photographs taken underwater are more liked by customers and can increase your sales.

8. Candid Shot

You should not be limited to a home or photo studio for taking photos of your feet. You should also capture feet pics in natural settings, such as lying in the grass, peering into the sand, a forest, mountains, or a blooming garden.

While taking pictures of feet, you should keep in mind that the photo should be clear, but lighting should be included in it to enhance the quality. The best foot pose for selling foot pics is to take photos in an open environment.

9. Draw Black and White Feet Photos

You should take black and white photographs of feet, as these photographs are no less attractive than colored images. In these photographs, you do not need to capture a lot of detail. These pictures have a timeless charm that overcomes the distraction of colors.

These pictures attract a lot of customers and increase your sales. Changing a photo of your feet to black and white is artistic. Taking black-and-white photos is the best foot pose for selling feet pics.

10. Take Nail Art Pictures

You should take pictures of your feet with nail art because nail art adds a lively touch to your feet pics. You can display colors and designs on your nails to make your feet look more attractive.

You should add these pictures to your portfolio to attract potential customers and increase your sales. Taking nail art photos is one of the best foot poses for selling feet pics. 

Where to Sell Feet Pics?

When you have taken pictures of your feet in different poses, you now need a platform to sell them. The best platform to sell feet pics is FeetFinder. Many FeetFinder reviews have shown that it is a legitimate platform with a user-friendly interface.

It maintains user anonymity and provides a secure payment system. FeetFinder also has a Sell Feet Pics app, which is very easy to use. It is completely safe to sell feet pics and it also has a wide customer base, which will help you sell your photos. This is a feet-based website where you can also sell feet videos.


You can make it even more attractive by taking pictures of your feet in different poses. Above, we have told you about 10 essential foot poses for selling feet pics successfully. Apart from these, you can also take pictures of feet as per your requirements and make them of high quality.

The higher the quality of your feet pictures, the more they will attract customers’ attention, and the sales of your feet pics will increase. Pay attention to making your feet attractive, because to be successful in this market, your feet need to attract attention. Start your journey to selling your feet pics by using a legitimate platform like FeetFinder.