Nowadays, there are numerous people who want to earn without leaving their beloved home. The demand increases for work from home jobs after the evolution of the internet. Yes! You guessed it right. The Internet has opened several opportunities to earn from the comfort of your home in Brazil.

Selling your feet pics is among the most popular methods of earning that has begun after the evolution of the digital world. Yes, this earning method allows you to earn money without leaving home. You can even earn while sitting on your favorite sofa by sell feet pictures.

If you are curious to earn by sell feet pics in Brazil, you must read this article. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide that you should follow for selling your feet pictures in Brazil. Moreover, you will also get basic information about selling your feet picture in Brazil.

So, without further delay in our guide to sell feet pics in Brazil, let us begin.

Why You Should Sell Your Feet Pics In Brazil?

There are uncountable reasons to sell feet pics in Brazil. The primary reason to sell your feet picture is that it is a great method to earn some extra cash. Yes, extra cash. You can sell your feet pictures without leaving your regular job. There is no need to leave your current job to sell your feet pics.

Another reason to sell your feet pictures is that you will visit a sizeable market where several buyers are willing to pay for your feet pics. Yes, you read it right! There are several buyers who are waiting for your feet pics to purchase them. The following are the top buyers who want to invest in your feet pics.

  • Bloggers
  • Shoewear companies
  • Podiatric website
  • Artist
  • Etsy sellers
  • Feet-based product sellers
  • Modeling agencies

Besides monetary benefits, there are other benefits to selling your feet pics. You can create a personal connection with your potential buyers by offering them unique and attractive feet photos.

Furthermore, you can collaborate with other influencers to reach a larger audience. Furthermore, you can use the right hashtags to build your robust following. In short, building a loyal customer base is also easier while selling your feet pictures.

Indeed, there are both Pros and cons of selling feet pics. But, as you have seen above, pros are surprising for selling your feet pics. However, there are some cons that can be ignored by using FeetFinder.

Feetfinder has the ability to kill most cons of selling your feet pics. This is because it has gained numerous FeetFinder seller reviews.

How Much Can You Earn By Selling Your Feet Pics In Brazil?

Several people think that the earning potential of selling feet pictures is not ideal. If you are among those people, you are wrong here. There are several people who are earning a decent amount by selling their feet pics.

Let us clear you one thing: there is no limit to the sky of earning by selling your feet pics. A YouTuber named Elibat revealed that she is earning $16,000 per annum by selling her feet pictures. This earning feature is relatively more than her earnings from YouTube.

Feet picture sellers can earn between $50,000 and $70,000 by selling their feet pics full-time job. However, you must remember one thing: your earning potential to sell feet pics in Brazil depends on numerous factors.

  • Number of feet photos that got sold
  • Quality of the feet pics
  • How well you are selling
  • How popular the seller or his or her photo is

These factors are the primary factors that could affect your earning potential to sell feet pics in Brazil. However, you must not expect higher earning potential initially because it is a business, and every business takes time to give you profits. You must keep your expectations real. But we promise you your earnings will definitely increase with time.

What Are The Top Steps To Sell Your Feet Pics In Brazil?

As you have read in the previous section, the way of selling your feet pics can also influence your earnings from this earning method. The more well you sell, the more well you will earn. So, choosing the right approach to sell feet pics in Brazil is crucial. The following are the top steps that you must follow to sell your feet pictures:

1. Choose A Platform

If you want to begin selling your feet pics online, you must choose a preferred platform. There are uncountable feet-based platforms where you can sell your feet pictures. But some platforms are not reliable sell your feet pictures. So, you must choose a platform as per your needs.

We understand you might be confused about choosing your preferred platform because you are new to the world of feet pics. We recommend FeetFinder because it is the best platform to sell feet pics in Brazil.

Feetfinder has earned FeetFinder reviews of 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot from certified buyers. This platform is the safest platform to sell your feet pics online because it has several safety measures.

This platform also has a strict verification process that ensures a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. These safety measures make FeetFinder the best platform to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Feetfinder also has a large user base that increases the chances of increased sales of your feet pics. The platform also performs all marketing tasks for you. Moreover, this platform provides you with FeetFinder hacks that will help you make more sales in this industry.

2. Take High-Quality Feet Pictures

If you want to sell feet pics in Brazil to make a decent amount of money, then you must click high-quality feet pics. You have to ensure that you have a robust collection of high-quality foot pics with different feet pics poses.

Do you know the best thing about clicking pictures for this earning method? The best part is that you do not have to invest your money to purchase a high-quality camera. You can click your feet pictures with a decent smartphone camera and a normal camera.

The following are some suggestions that you should follow to click high-quality feet pictures:

  • Learn photography: Remember, no one wants to pay you for blurry, or photos that are not visually appealing. If you do not have basic photography skills, you must learn to take photographs.
    There are several YouTube videos or free online courses that will help you to learn photography. It would also be great to learn basic editing. You can use photo editing tools or programs, like PhotoShop, PicMoney, and more, to learn basic editing.
  • Take inspiration: Photography on your own feet can be difficult for the first time. No one can click high-quality feet pics without taking inspiration. You can browse stock photo websites and look for other foot pictures to take inspiration.

3. Upload Your Feet Pictures

After taking high-quality feet pictures, you must start the editing process to increase the quality of your feet pictures. If you feel that lighting is not enough on your feet pictures, you must improve it with the use of an editing app, like Snapseed or Lightroom, to improve lighting further.

The next step after editing is to directly upload your feet pics on your preferred feet–based platform. As we said earlier, you should start selling your feet pics on FeetFinding because uploading your feet pics is also straightforward on FeetFinder. Moreover, it is among the best sell feet pics app.

While uploading your feet pictures, you should choose the highest resolution to ensure high-quality photos. You must be sure to maintain quality and export your image in the appropriate file.

After completing setting up your photo to upload, you should write a brief description of your feet picture. Remember, several buyers search your feet’ pics by the search function.

So, you should be as detailed as possible and avoid using general descriptions. It would be helpful to be specific and include a category for your feet pics.

4. Set Prices

Now, you should start pricing your feet pictures. You might be considering pricing your feet pictures higher, but it will surely demotivate your buyers from purchasing your feet pictures.

Like any other thing in this world, it would be great to start with a small step. Yes, you guessed it right! You should price your feet pics lower, around $5 per picture in the beginning. However, you can raise the price when you begin getting enough sales.

5. Build Your Customer Base

After pricing to sell feet pics in Brazil, you should start building your customer base. Indeed, you will not get buyers automatically in the beginning. You have to perform marketing and promotion to let your potential buyers or clients know you are selling your feet pics.

You should try to respond to any message from your buyers quickly. You should also make sure to let them feel comfortable and understandable while communicating with them.


Selling your feet pics is the easiest method to earn money from home in Brazil. Anyone can make extra cash without leaving their current job by selling their feet pics. Apart from this, this earning method also has numerous benefits. We hope our guide will help you sell feet pics in Brazil.