Selling feet pictures is a growing business in the transnational market. It’s one of the weirdest but most authentic sources of making online money.

People who sell similar feet pictures may be pertained to as “feet models” because it’s relative to modeling. The only difference is that you show only your feet.

Numerous platforms like FeetFinder promote foot pictures and there’s also a great number of people available online whom you can indulge in your work by selling them your feet pictures and earning cool money. It includes medical professionals, bottom fetishes, shoe companies,etc.

Still, it’s a matter of debate whether you should sell foot pictures or not. So the simple question people have been asking is, is selling feet pictures legal? Well! Just keep reading to discover the raw and simple truth.

Getting into this field isn’t an easy task. numerous people in your circle would discourage similar exertion by saying that it’s illegal.

They will blur your mind with their false beliefs and will make you question your reason. In this article you’ll find the exact answer you ’re looking for. So let’s dive in.

Selling feet pictures especially @FeetFinder is a legal business

Yes, you read that correctly.

That’s the short and simple answer to the big question ” is selling feet pictures legal that has been flying over the net.

It’s legal to sell your feet pictures. There’s nothing wrong with selling with your feet pictures Still, there are some variations in the terms that are bandied below, but other than that, you’re good to go.

With the growth of different fields and work types, our online earning platforms are also adding in number( s). There are plenty of websites where you can sell feet pictures of your feet filmland and these websites are legal especially It’s authorized by the governments to carry out their work after being approved of some norms laid down by the government.

So, as long as you meet the demands of legal laws and regulations, have a safe terrain to carry out the job, and are following the rules of the website you’re using, you won’t face any problem with this business. But bare it in mind while diving in to the business that selling feet pictures is legal.

Important Safety Guide: How to Sell Feet Pics Legally

Knowing the troubles of dealing on feet pictures. The best defense against hackers and illegitimate users is a good offense. Here are a few important key points to keep yourself safe in the business

Don’t Disclose Personal Information

This is a standard safety tip anytime you ’re conducting business online. As much as selling feet pictures is legal, Never disclose further information than you need to. There’s no reason for buyers to ask for your position or address, your phone number, your real name or any other particular details.

Everything they need to know can be set up on the profile and memoir included on the bottom snap platform you ’re using. Chances are, if a client is asking for intimate details, they ’re up to no good!

Be Careful What Details You Post

Speaking of your profile and memoir, as much as we know that selling feet pictures is legal, be aware of the information you include then. This can be a tricky balance since merchandisers are encouraged to disclose details about their personalities that give buyers a better idea of who they are. The more tête-à-tête connected a buyer feels to a dealer, the more likely they’re to make a purchase.

But, flash back , you can include your likes, dislikes, kinks, and pursuits without participating in your occupation, position, or legal name. Add details that show off your mischievous side without revealing your identity.

Check The Background Of Your Foot Snaps

Many anonymous merchandisers suppose concealing their faces in pictures is enough to cover their identity. Although this is an important step, it’s not the only one. It’s important to look beyond the main focus of your pictures and check for suggestions in the background. Street signs, business names, an instrument hanging on your bedroom wall, or indeed a piece of correspondence on your dresser could accidentally reveal your name, position, and indeed your address.

Be aware of what images are in the background of your foot snaps before you accidentally disclose further information than you intended because it selling feet pictures may be legal but when the write procedures are not followed, it may land you in trouble.

Only Use Secure Payment Methods

The fastest way to run into money trouble while dealing your foot pictures online although it is legal to sell feet pictures, is to use a relaxed payment system. The good news is that utmost foot snap commerce deals with safe and trusted payment companies like Segpay, Paxum. Check the FeetFinder website to see which payment apps they use and accept before subscribing up. Never accept payment directly from a buyer via credit card, direct deposit, gift card, or cash. Never agree to meet up in person, either, to complete a sale.

Add Watermarks to Your Pictures

Your money is n’t the only thing illegitimate users are after. There are plenty of unsavory characters online looking to steal your content. This includes screenshotting or copying your images and also dealing them away without giving you credit or simply accepting your content without ever paying for it.

The easiest way to cover yourself against stolen content is to add watermarks to your prints. These identifiable ensigns or words are added to the corners or background of prints to show power.

Use a VPN

When it comes to safely selling feet pictures online, using a VPN( virtual private network) could be your best friend. VPNs cover both your identity and your IP address, precluding hackers and illegitimate druggies from discovering your position and penetrating your particular data. analogous to encryption software used on major bottom snap platforms, VPNs use encryption to make it decreasingly delicate for people to connect you with your feet photos.

Set Strict Rules and Guidelines

The beauty of selling feet photos online is that you get to set the rules. Sure, if you’re dealing on a feet pictures website you ’ll have your own set of guidelines to follow like , but eventually, you ’re your own master. It’s up to you to produce your own terms and conditions that your guests must cleave to. Make sure the rules are veritably clear and unequivocal so it’s nearly insolvable for people to find loopholes or ways to take advantage of you.

Where Can I Sell My Feet Pictures?

Knowing fully well that selling feet pictures is legal, We highly recommend FeetFinder to sell your feet pictures because it’s one of the best as ranked on the search engine. Although there’s a small yearly figure of $4.99 ( or $1.25 per month if you choose the periodic plan), the benefits are worth it. FeetFinder provides a secure and stoner-friendly website for buying and dealing feet pictures

It has entered excellent FeetFinder reviews on Trustpilot, with over 6000+ reviews and an emotional standing of 4.9 out of 5. To get started on FeetFinder, you need to be at least 18 times of age or aged, and you’ll have to corroborate your identity. This is to insure that there are only real merchandisers on the platform.

The information submitted will never be participated with any other user. FeetFinder any charges merchandisers a yearly dealer figure of $4.99 ( or$1.25 per month if you choose the periodic plan) and you get to keep 80% of your earnings, which is the same chance as OnlyFans and better than the utmost other feet picture websites.

While this might feel like FeetFinder charges a lot at first this is actually a good deal for merchandisers.

How to Be a Successful Seller on FeetFinder

1. Take High- Quality Feet Pictures: Upload at least 10 high- quality mature feet pictures to pique the interest of implicit buyers. Professional camera outfit isn’t necessary but make sure the images are well- framed shots of the entire bottom without awkward cropping.

2. Write Custom Detailed Descriptions: It’s essential to be as descriptive as possible when writing descriptions for your feet snaps allowing your content to be fluently set up by buyers searching and filtering through specific orders.

3. Price Your Feet Pictures: Be realistic and start off with cheaper prices to get paid for feet pictures. Start by offering cheaper options around $5 and many more precious options, similar as $15 or further.

4. Communicate with Buyers: Log in to your account at least once a day to check if you have new dispatches from buyers and try to make a relationship with them.

How To Verify That You Aren’t Doing Anything Illegal On The Site?

Although it’s clear that selling feet pictures is legal, if you’re still in distrust and want further evidence that you aren’t getting into any kind of trouble, you can just go to the selling websites and learn further about this business from people who are doing it formerly.

The conditions when dealing with feet pictures may get you in trouble if you are not careful irrespective of it’s legality.

Although it’s a safe and encyclopedically honored business and numerous people are doing it proudly, there are some restrictions that you should keep in mind before getting into this business field. So as mentioned before, dealing bottom filmland is fully licit but there are certain factors you should bring into consideration before an incipiency.

Countries’ Variations In Rules And Regulations About This Business:

Although selling your feet pictures is legal, there are some variations depending on each country’s rules and regulations. Let’s x-ray Some feet pictures to sell and those not to sell. More specifically, if you’re a citizen of the US, If you’re a citizen of a western country. The laws of these countries are crystal clear about the legitimacy of this business and also the websites that carry out the duty of furnishing a legal platform to sell the filmland. So you have no reasons to worry.

If you live in an Asian country, a Muslim country, or any other country with strict religious scores rehearsed by your law, you’ll have to be careful although selling feet pictures is also legal in that area. This is because there are some variations in rules and regulations rehearsed by these countries that may differ from the western world.

As in some persuasions, public display of your body corridor is considered indecorous. So you have to face some penalty for defying your country’s rules. But generally, the business is a legal business, you just have to stick to the rules and guidelines.

While you may not be doing commodities illegally according to your country’s rules and regulations, still, you may be doing a commodity that’s considered sociologically and communally unhappy and will be supposed to be likewise.

This may be to someone living in a western culture or it can be to someone living in the middle east or a less temporal nation. When you’re a minor description of a minor is someone who’s under 18 years of age.

Please note that in some countries this age can be extended to 21. For a minor, this business isn’t a preferred one. There are numerous expostulations to it. We can say that it’s illegal for a youngish person to indulge in it. While you’ll be approached by kiddies brands, the stylish practice is to make sure you’re accompanied by a grown-up, none other than aged siblings or parents.

Other than this, there’s a summary of different scripts that should be considered before being a dealer of your feet as a minor. The safety of a country’s children is a great deal in erecting a peaceful terrain. So the maturity of suits consider it unhappy for a minor to indulge in such a business and it’s considered illegal. Still, if these feet pictures are for a medical reason or advertising some baby products, again, it can be done under the authorization of parents, or aged siblings.


Selling feet pictures is legal and Feet pictures is the ultimate source of earning money when you can not figure out a commodity differently. Still, being a freshman in this field isn’t without challenges. Only the true knowledge of when and where you’re safe to be a dealer of your feet ‘pictures will make you exceed in this field.

Long story short, dealing feet pictures is legal under normal circumstances. You won’t be questioned at any position. As long as the money is coming without showing your face or doing anything unorthodox, you’re doing it fairly. But for some geographical areas and the age below 18, you need to be careful. The best thing to do is to stay for the legal age or to move to a region where you can sell your feet pictures without any solicitation of being penalized.