can men sell feet pics


Many of you might be in a dilemma “Can men sell feet pics?”

The answer is big YES!!

Good news for all those hard-working and exhausted men who want to add some spices to their success journey! Apart from being a businessman or an employee who is hustling for a 9 to 5 job, are you a man who is not satisfied with this hectic routine, tired and hopeless regretting running as per the clock? 

If Yes, then let us tell you about the foot-selling websites. The foot fetish world has rapidly grown and no one on the earth is aware of such a profitable platform. You might have heard about it! 

In the upgrading society of foot fetish websites, men sell feet pics and earn millions. Want to know how men sell feet pics and the best apps to get paid for feet pics? Then read this blog post cautiously, and keep your mind open to add some interesting facts that will help you change your life!

Let’s dive into the world of foot fetish where men are dominating the competition by flaunting their sexy feet and toes and earning millions!

Here is the complete guide that is going to help you become one of those high-paid models.

Tips to Make Your Feet and Toes Ready to Photoshoot

Whether you want to sell or buy your foot content, you need to gather some important data such as:

Where you can sell your feet pics?

Which platform is well-paying for your feet pics?

Which models are selling quality feet pics?

And essential guidance for models to make their foot image stand out from the crowd.

If you are a seller or want to be a successful feet model then here is some useful information that will directly guide you to increase your sales.

Let’s begin!

Tip No. 1:- Grooming your Feet and Toes

Pamper your soft feet and toes very carefully. If you want to sell feet pics, you need to keep them clean and neat. Sometimes nasty feet images will work but most people tend to get attracted to clean and well-groomed ones.

Ensure your feet are in good shape and pamper them. To make your feet and toes look their best in photos and videos, get a habit of maintaining proper hygiene, moisturizing, and grooming them regularly. You can keep them well maintained by trimming your toenails, removing calluses, and exfoliating your feet.

Tip No. 2:- Analyzing the Market

If you have the proper knowledge regarding the market conditions, the ups and downs, demand, etc. You can successfully sell your feet pics on the internet. Be watchful of the market situation and make a note of everything you find in your research.

Analyzing the market does not only mean doing observation before starting to sell feet pics. But it also includes having the correct knowledge of platforms and websites that are available on the internet. 

Many platforms are running to get promoted and rank on the top list of the best foot-selling platforms. So make sure you choose the right place to sell your feet content.

Tip No. 3:- Choosing the Platform

Are you curious to know if can men sell feet pics and where? Then till the end of this blog post, you will be getting crystal clear about your doubt!

Numerous websites and apps are available on the internet. So men can choose whatever platform that makes men sell feet pics. But if we say this, then there will be such a big problem. However, several men choose different places as per their comfort.

Before choosing any platform and believing that it will help men sell feet pics successfully can be risky. Men need to observe some things, whether that particular platform satisfies you with providing services such as allowing men sell feet pics without getting scammed, motivating to men sell feet pics, and providing complete privacy and security to personal information such as bank details, name, password, user ID, country name, etc.

But there is one such platform that will make you satisfied with all the above conditions and that is FeetFinder. With its PCI-compliant, strong privacy and security measures from small data of bank details to country names, everything will be protected from third parties and other users in the platform.

If men want to be a dedicated seller or models who wants to prove every one that even can men sell feet pics. Then FeetFinder is the legitimate platform to start your foot photography. 

The second reason to sell feet pics on FeetFinder is that this platform gives your account complete protection. It keeps your feet pics blurred so that no one of the buyers can have access to see them without paying for your account. Buyers have to pay at any cost to have the pleasurable experience of hot and sexy feet and toes images.

Tip No. 4:- Creative Ideas

Once men choose a particular website and start selling their feet pics men need to keep their bio and content creative. If men want to be on the top of the list of male foot models then they have to keep their content and bio more attractive than compared to their competitors.

Use various feet videos ideas such as walking naturally and relaxing, walking slowly, walking on a wet surface, walking with shoes or flip flops, barefoot walking, beach walking, etc. Many more ideas can be used to men sell feet pics.

Tip No. 5:-  Remaining Anonymous

While selling feet pics as a man, sometimes men want to be anonymous. Similarly for some men being anonymous might not be a big deal. But it is always better to choose to remain unknown and keep your identity hidden from everyone on the platform.

The biggest benefit of staying unknown is that if any of the men come across some buyers or models who know each other in person or have any relation like (family or friends) then they will not be knowing that that person from whom they are fulfilling their foot obsession have any relation. 

This kind of thing saves you from getting disclosed as having an account on such adult websites might be restricted in some men’s families. Remember choosing to be anonymous can help men sell feet pics safely.

Tip No. 6:- High-Quality Feet Pics

Focus on providing good feet pictures as much as possible. Click high-quality photos and videos of feet and toes, you simply need a good set of cameras and a soft combination of lights. These elements are quite enough to make your photoshoot sensual and customized.

As the proverb goes “ Less is more”. Similarly focus on delivering high-quality sexy and hot foot pictures and videos instead of deluging the market with mediocrity with your feet’ contents. Capturing high-quality photos ain’t as hard as you assume. Good gadgets and well-groomed feet are all men need.

Tip No. 7:- Set the Price Smartly

If men are smart enough to handle their business then they should be capable of marking their feet ‘content’s price correctly. Men should rate their foot photos and video costs depending on their content quality. Be honest while setting a price tag for your feet and toes photos. 

For example, suppose you visit a cake shop and you decide to buy a small size cake with proper detailing but it comes out not having proper detailing. Would you go to purchase it for real? You might not and decide to not buy anything from that shop.

Similarly, if your foot pictures and videos are not uploaded of high quality then buyers might get disappointed and attracted to another model’s feet images. This is absurd to continue and you may end up bringing no return to your time and energy. So make sure to get a large number of customers by uploading high-quality photos and ultimately increase your sales.

Tip No. 8:- Showcase Variety

Whether it is a life or foot pics, adding spice always brings a positive vibe. Every day coming up with the same thing over and over again is too boring. Instead offer your buyers some varieties of feet pics categories such as hot photo shoot, cute photography, add some interesting foot poses for selling feet pics, etc.

Additionally, you can make your foot photography more interesting by showing off some seasonal collections, different themes, various styles, and many more. This will help you to attract more buyers and keep them engaged and coming back to you.

Tip No. 9:- Protection of Privacy

Have you ever wondered why a magician’s magic tricks do not get revealed on the internet? If you have ever, then the answer is simple – Every magician keeps their privacy protected at any cost. This is why all of the magician’s stupid tricks remain secret and people appreciate them.

Similarly, assume this story in your case and do accordingly to sell feet pics without getting scammed. Protect your account details, personal information, real name, and ID online. You can make use of pseudonyms, weird names that are out of assumption, and dodge sharing personal information.

Tip No. 10:- Stay Legal

Have you ever noticed why some businesses are not allowed in some countries? This is because the legality of the particular business has been banned and if someone tries to get it then strict action can be taken against those people. The same goes for foot-selling platforms.

Make sure you follow all the necessary steps and legal provisions undertaken while creating an account on a platform in your particular country. Certain rules and regulations should be followed before stepping into the foot-selling websites. Go legally and everything will go in your favor.

Tip No. 11:- Maintain Professionalism

As a man, you need to do your job in a well-mannered way instead of getting messed up. While selling feet pics on the internet make sure you are professional enough to handle your sales, account transactions, and your feet pics. Many scammers are waiting to target you so maintain a well-protected seller account.

If you want to make a user-friendly environment for your customers or buyers but also want to be professional at the same time. Then set your limits and avoid getting into emotional attachment with buyers. 

Let your customers ask you questions and make sure you are answering them only for business purposes. If you notice any questions or comments that are irrelevant then immediately report that buyer. Remember:- “Professionalism is the best key to impressing your customers”.

Tip No. 12:- Build Engagement with Customers

Build a strong customer base and well-maintained comments section by answering each buyer’s questions as soon as possible. Sometimes ask them questions regarding foot content, customize foot photos, etc. 

You need to maintain a good customer base by asking them for new things for your feet pics, and videos. Don’t make them feel left out, ignored, or invaluable in your comments section. Keep an eye on the comments section every new day to check whether any buyer’s questions are pending or left out. 

Create a comfortable and user-friendly interface among your customers on the internet. This is how men sell feet pics! We have cleared all the tips and guides that will help men sell feet pics successfully on the internet. 


Selling feet pics on legitimate platforms such as FeetFinder is not an issue about gender. Regardless of any gender and judgment, you can safely sell foot pics on the internet. The only thing that matters is which platform you choose. We have mentioned the best platform- FeetFinder that will give you the best services.

We think the doubt of whether men sell feet pics or if can men sell feet pics might have been crystal clear. We have also mentioned each tip that will help men to understand the market. Although there are certain pros and cons of selling feet pics, if you follow all the above 12 tips then you will surely be the highest-paid foot model.
Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions: Do Men Sell Feet Pics?

Q. Can men make money selling feet pics?
A. Yes, men can make money selling foot pics. Regardless of gender inequality men and women are getting many opportunities to make money on the internet. There’s a market for all types of foot pictures, and male feet aren’t any different. So selling feet pics as men is as profitable as women.

Q. How much can you make selling your feet pics?
A. Selling feet pics has a lot of pros such as earning passive income with a low-effort side hustle. The amount of money you can make selling your feet pics varies depending on the platform you choose and the quality of the content you make. 

Generally, feet pics can range in price from $5 to $20- so selling 100 feet pics a month at $5 a pop means you’ve made $500 in passive income.

Q. Can I be anonymous while selling feet pics?
A. Absolutely yes, you can remain anonymous while selling foot pics on the internet. Here are some tips to protect your privacy which we have included:

  • Use a pseudonym
  • Avoid sharing personal information
  • Use secure platforms that protect your identity
  • Use a VPN to keep your location private

Q. Is FeetFinder a good place to sell feet pics?
A. FeetFinder is a good platform for selling feet pics because it connects sellers with thousands of potential customers who want to buy and sell feet pics. The site offers anonymity and a secure payment system that makes listing feet pics easy and takes care of everything for you. 

You’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 per month, but you can sell 1 foot pic and then hit profits with every sale afterward.