Feetify Reviews

Are you using a Feetify website to sell feet pictures and videos? If yes, then you won’t be using this website from today onward. In today’s digital era, there are a wide variety of platforms that have gained popularity on the internet. Those platforms can be for various interests and needs. Similarly, Feetify is a platform that has gained more popularity in the online marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

But not necessarily every user has positive experiences, many users have had negative experiences too. Some of these users even reported against the Feetify website regarding their bad experiences. Due to this, the Feetify website got hate from many users. So our main motive for writing this article is to show you unbiased Feetify reviews. We will explore the reasons why Feetify is hated by many people.

Also, we will help you by providing the best alternative platform for selling foot pictures. And from our perspective, the best feet-selling website is FeetFinder. There are many reasons why Feetify has garnered widespread criticism and why users are expressing their discontent. Get the inside information on what makes Feetify a questionable platform.

There are many alternative competitors for Feetify. But the best competitor that stands out from the crowd is FeetFinder. The FeetFinder website has gained significant fame on the internet for its excellent features, including safety and security for its users. We provide the best opportunity to make online earnings in a short period, and many more, which we will learn in today’s blog post. So stick with us till the end.

Before stepping into the basics of the Feetify website, we will understand the pros and cons of selling feet pics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Feet Pics 


  • Fun, Making-Money Opportunity

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of selling feet pics online – making money! Selling feet pics is not just a great side hustle, it’s also a lot of fun. Not only do potential buyers use these chats to make custom requests, but also to discuss foot fetishes, common interests, and collaboration or networking opportunities.

If you want to make money while also meeting new people and stepping outside your comfort zone, selling feet pics could be the perfect solution.

  • The Ability to Work From Home

Many people are looking for new and innovative ways to make a living from home. Whether your full-time job changed to fully remote (or you wish it had), working from home comes with its pros and cons. Selling feet pics is a viable way to make some extra money without leaving the comfort of your home or even your bedroom.

  • Creative Outlet

Whether you’re an artist, have an eye for design, or love photography, another pro of selling feet pics online is your ability to get creative while capturing your feet photos.

  • Boosted Confidence

Selling feet pics online offers a major confidence boost for many sellers. You’ll receive plenty of praise, comments, and compliments from buyers interested in your work. Hence, you will be more excited to shoot your feet more adorably.

  • Anonymity

The best pros of selling feet pics online are that you can be anonymous. Many people choose to stay unknown and sell their feet-related content. While some users choose to reveal their real identity on foot-selling websites. FeetFinder gives you the advantage of selling feet pics by staying anonymous, this is one of the reasons why we call FeetFinder the best website to sell feet pics.


  • Danger of Getting Scammed

In a digital world where hackers and scammers are becoming increasingly savvy, creative, and skilled, you need to protect yourself. To avoid such risks, never share your personal information with a buyer, including your real name, location (including your home address), banking credentials, or other details a hacker can use to access your information.

  • Unstable Income

Although one of the pros of selling feet pics is the flexible schedule, like any other freelance opportunity, the money you make is inconsistent. One month, you might sell 20 pictures and a few videos and make a couple hundred dollars, whereas the next month, you may struggle to land even a handful of sales. Because the con of selling feet pics is unstable cash flow, you’ll probably need another source of income.

  • Not a Recognized Profession

As popular as it might be, selling feet pics isn’t exactly a recognized or reputable profession. You can’t tell everyone about the medium through which you earn income because there might be foot enthusiasts in the world, but still, some may find it inappropriate or illegal. People being judgmental is what you will have to accept when you enter this niche.

  • No Control Over Your Content

Once you start to sell your foot pics, you no longer have any control over where they end up using them. While some buyers purchase foot content for their pleasure, others use it on their website or blog to market a certain product or service, or in pamphlets and brochures. Ultimately, once the transaction is completed and you deliver the final product to the client, your rights to those photos no longer exist.

  • Unsolicited Requests and Messages

Another major disadvantage of selling feet pics online is subjecting yourself to unsolicited requests and messages from potential buyers. While there is no excuse for being harassed online, there are safety measures you can take, such as blocking and reporting offensive buyers and ending the conversation. Putting yourself out there means the potential for uncomfortable exchanges.

What is Feetify?

Feetify is an online platform that has been catching people’s attention lately. It is a marketplace where people can buy and sell foot photos. While it may seem abnormal, it is part of a niche market that serves specific interests. Users, both buyers and sellers, flock to Feetify in hopes of finding financial solutions or satisfying their particular desires.

Feetify has attracted attention due to the fake and paid Feetify reviews. Some praise it as a profitable venture. However, some real users have stated many negative reviews that they had faced.

Now let’s go ahead towards the main part of this blog post!

Feetify Reviews- Sellers & Buyers

Following are the Feetify reviews that we collected from Trustpilot. They show Feetify Review’s negative side to the audience.

  • One of the users says

Don’t listen to all the fake, paid-for reviews here. This is a scam site. The only way you can sell content here is by paying for their premium package. They make money from both the sellers and buyers. You get nothing while they rake it in from your content. Avoid!

  • We have another review

My username is ReneeReigns. I’ve been on this site for 4 months and haven’t received anything after paying $50 for a yearly subscription. I do receive better sales for my feet on All Things Worn and other sites.

I wish I could get a refund because I wasted money that could have gone to a better site. Most of these reviews are fake and should be removed. And if you still don’t believe us, then this last review is an eye-opener for you.

  • Last but not least review

I joined the site hoping to make some extra cash. I paid for the 6-month membership and started making connections. I posted tons of content and only sold one pic for 5 bucks lol. I emailed Feetify, hoping to take advantage of the whole “paid seller” thing where they pay you for being active even if nobody is buying your pics. Well, I didn’t get a response to any of my emails.

Needless to say, I deleted my account. Don’t believe the hype. The only reason there are so many positive reviews is because Feetify asks you to write a good review for them in exchange for cash awards that you never actually receive. It’s a scam.

We are observing Feetify reviews that are negative, so why should we waste time on such fake websites? Instead, we will invest our time to discuss FeetFinder. Let’s understand how FeetFinder is helpful to us.

Benefits Of FeetFinder

We have conducted a thorough comparison of these two platforms across various crucial aspects below. Feel free to review this guide to determine which platform aligns best with your needs.

Sounds interesting; let’s get started to see who wins!

  • Registration and Subscription

FeetFinder operates on a subscription-based model, where sellers pay a monthly fee of $4.99 or opt for an annual plan at $14.99. Buyers can register for free. Feetify You need to pay $49 to upgrade your membership for both buyers and sellers.

  • Profile Access Control

FeetFinder allows content creators to restrict their profiles to paid users only. This ensures that unpaid visitors cannot scroll through the foot pics. Feetify does not offer this option without availing of the premium plan.

  • Payment Method

FeetFinder facilitates payments through two platforms, one for US-based users and the other for non-US-based users. For US-based they use segpay and for non-US based they use Paxum. FeetFinder takes responsibility for their users to make their payments successful, and if any user is facing a problem while making a payment, FeetFinder helps them make their payment.

If users are US-based, you don’t need to create a separate account for payment, it allows you to make payment directly from the FeetFinder website. And if you have PayPal, you have to create a separate account or else you won’t be able to make payment.

  • Trustpilot Ratings

FeetFinder boasts an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on thousands of outstanding reviews, reflecting the platform’s reliability and user satisfaction. Feetify, on the other hand, has received a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on a limited number of reviews.

  • Earning Opportunities

FeetFinder has a high earning potential, with some users making a substantial income through selling foot pics and videos. Some sellers even earn enough through the platform to transition into selling feet pics full-time.

How Does The FeetFinder Website Work?

  • For Buyers

To sign up to view or buy images on the Feet Finder’s website, users need to include their username, email address, password, country, and birthday. They also have to accept the terms and conditions, which include stipulations on their use of the images once they gain access.

Once the buyer has set up their account, they can view millions of models. They filter through the different content to find the type of foot fetish pictures that suit their needs. If the existing niche content isn’t sufficient, they can also purchase customized content from models worldwide

  • For Sellers 

Sellers will need to set up their profiles with this same information. They can only create an account when they agree to the applicable terms and conditions. Part of those terms and conditions stipulate that sellers can sell videos and pictures but cannot prostitute themselves or participate in sex trafficking.

When consumers register on the website to make their sales, one requirement is to verify their identity, which can be done with a government-issued ID. The website requires sellers to photograph themselves holding their IDs to ensure a match. This verification is crucial to proving that the user is old enough to access the content and is not registering for someone else.

However, buyers won’t have access to their identities. Instead, the creators prioritized the anonymity and safety of users, which means that more models can participate without the concern of being found online.

With every sale, models are paid 90%, meaning they only pay a commission of 10% of the total cost to FeetFinder in addition to the membership fee. They have complete access to sell both videos and images. The website has proven highly beneficial to sellers who want to make a little money or a lot, resulting in millions of dollars going into sellers’ pockets.

How Much Can You Make on FeetFinder Selling Feet Pics?

Earnings on FeetFinder can vary widely based on several factors. Sellers typically price their feet pictures individually, and the range can be anywhere from $5 to $100 or more per picture. Selling feet pictures on platforms like FeetFinder involves several variables that directly impact your earnings. The quality of your pictures, your pricing strategy, buyer demand, and your overall engagement within the platform are key factors.

Ensuring you sell feet pics safely is paramount for a positive experience for both buyers and sellers. To maximize your income while maintaining a secure environment, it’s crucial to uphold an attractive and consistent profile, accumulate positive FeetFinder reviews, and adapt to evolving market trends.


Some platforms, like Feetify, offer the opportunity to earn money, but only providing the platform for income is not where buyers’ and sellers’ expectations end. As we finish our talk about Feetify reviews, it’s apparent that the platform has its bad side too, which is controversial for users. Due to this,  working with Feetify requires being more careful.

But being safe is very important. You need to keep a nice profile and get good reviews. In our suggestion, FeetFinder is the best alternative to Feetify. Here FeetFinder wins over Feetify. When you use Feetify, trust and planning are important.

Choosing Feetify and getting into risk doesn’t sound to be helpful, rather, choose FeetFinder for selling feet pics and videos and flaunting your beautiful feet without getting scammed. If you have a closer look at FeetFinder seller reviews, it ranks at the top for the best earning platform. So go ahead and start your online earning from FeetFinder itself. With hard work and the right approach, it can be a great place.