Make money on OnlyFans without showing your face

In today’s digital age, online marketplaces have gained a lot of fame on the internet. Many people are choosing online platforms for earning income. Similarly, some of the crowd is seeking to make online earnings on websites like OnlyFans.

However, maintaining personal privacy and anonymity remains a crucial concern for many creators. In this comprehensive guide, we maneuver the path to success on OnlyFans without revealing one’s identity.

Likewise, OnlyFans does have a great competitor like FeetFinder. In this blog, we will discuss how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face and how FeetFinder is the best website to sell feet pictures.

We investigate strategies, tips, and alternative solutions like Writer Connect, providing a thorough understanding of how one can monetize content, leverage social media, and successfully run an anonymous OnlyFans account. Whether you’re an experienced feet content creator or a newcomer on OnlyFans, this article offers valuable insights into profiting on OnlyFans while keeping your identity concealed and also guiding you with the best alternative website. 

Let’s start by discussing OnlyFans’ website.

Why Should You Remain Anonymous on OnlyFans?

Remaining anonymous on OnlyFans has several advantages, making it a viable strategy for many creators. Privacy is a paramount concern, with the digital sphere often blurring the lines between personal and professional life. Hence, many creators decide to keep their OnlyFans accounts separate from their personal accounts and daily lives.

Anonymity also provides personal comfort, shielding creators from potential societal judgments and prejudice. It offers the freedom to express oneself without the apprehension of recognition. Moreover, many creators prefer to balance their personal and professional lives, keeping their online personas on the OnlyFans platform distinct from their real-life identities.

Why Do People Stay Anonymous on OnlyFans?

Well, this is a good question. Especially if someone is lucky enough to make money on OnlyFans without fearing to stay anonymous. On OnlyFans, we will come across two types of models: those who like to reveal their real identity and those who choose not to reveal their personal or real name.

Here are some reasons why people like to stay unknown on OnlyFans: Let’s discuss those reasons:

  • Clashes with a day job

It’s not common for OnlyFans to be the sole job for someone, especially when they’re just starting out. It takes time to build up a sufficient following for us to make enough money to get on OnlyFans alone. There are many OnlyFans users who are already in some existing jobs different from OnlyFans. In some companies, employees are not allowed to have any other source of income apart from working in their organization. 

So, in such cases, that shouldn’t be a problem. In theory, unless your contract states otherwise, you’re entitled to do whatever you want outside of the office. But some contracts might specify that you can’t undertake work of a specific kind, which an OnlyFans page might well fall under. Or it may even just specify that you can’t take a second job at all.

Certain careers wouldn’t want to be associated with an OnlyFans creator, either because of the implied reputation or because of the position it would put the creator in.

  • Shyness or embarrassment

Genuinely, one of the most common reasons people choose to remain anonymous when setting up their OnlyFans is shyness or embarrassment.

While we now live in times where we are more accepting of sex work as an industry and of different body shapes and sizes, there is still a lot of humiliation about this kind of work for a lot of people.

And while they may be comfortable showing their body, with a bit of confidence, push them down, they might not want it to be known that it is actually theirs. And so they may set up their account anonymously, making sure to hide their details and creating a profile.

That psyche is key because, for a lot of people, it’s like acting—they become a character, which enables them to loosen up and be more confident online. It’s not just about posting photos and videos; it may also make it easier to engage with fans on topics that you normally feel shy about.

Once you see the positive reactions to your foot’s content, you might regret setting up anonymously in the first place and want to take ownership of your page in a more personal way. Many people find that staying anonymous boosts the confidence of models, and if they are satisfied with comments, they tend to change their account status to public later.

  • Reluctance to let family and friends see content

It’s not just about general shyness and embarrassment; specifically, some people don’t want their friends and family to know that they’re creating adult content on OnlyFans, and they certainly don’t want them to find it.

Especially when it’s family, imagine the double-whammy of finding out that a) your dad uses OnlyFans and b) he found your content. Many people want to stay covered on OnlyFans because they might fear getting revealed, making such adult content that might be shameful for their family and friends.

There is the option to use geo-blocking; more on that below. But there are two problems with geoblocking:

  • It can rule out a large potential audience, so some people don’t want to use it.
  • Not all of your friends and family live in the same place.

Choosing an anonymous profile might, therefore, be the answer you’re looking for. As long as you are extremely careful not to include any details that could reveal your identity, this means thinking about your backdrops too.

Above are the top reasons why people choose to stay anonymous on an OnlyFans account. Getting ahead, we will now discuss a solution for how we can stay unknown and make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

Ways to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

There are several ways you can keep yourself anonymous on OnlyFans and still have a profitable career. Let’s take a look at them:

  • OnlyFans niche content focuses

One of the easiest and most common ways to keep an anonymous profile on OnlyFans or other similar sites is to have a niche focus on something that doesn’t require you to show your face.

The one that a lot of people jump to is foot content, and this is absolutely something that can be done anonymously if you want to. Some of the best creators of foot content still show their faces because a lot of the fans of this kind of content want to see the feet in relation to the face—think of it like seeing the hidden part of a pretty girl.

  • OnlyFans cosplay or roleplay

Another option is to explore cosplay or roleplay adult content, where you either mirror an existing character or create your own. You can do this while covering your face with a mask, a hood, or even just some makeup so that you hide your real identity, but without worrying about actually keeping your head out of the camera view.

Again, a lot of cosplay creators do still show off their faces, so you have to be careful about which characters you choose to portray so that you know you can consistently create content that is interesting, sexy, and varied without exposing your real face.

  • Creative camera angles

The easiest way to stay anonymous on OnlyFans, provided you’re careful, is to just plan your camera angles to avoid showing your face.

There are lots of different ways you can shoot photos and videos from the neck down, either with someone else filming you, with a carefully placed tripod, or if you film first-person. That’s always the easiest way since the only risk of accidentally showing your face is if you film a mirror.

  • Filters on OnlyFans

You’d be surprised by how many creators are already using filters on their content. A lot may only use it to make minor tweaks to their appearance, but there are plenty of others that allow you to film yourself while having your face completely masked in some way, either by completely changing it, distorting it, or covering it with something else fun. 

Filters make staying anonymous easy; provided you use the same app to shoot your content and remember to use it, then the filter will be applied automatically. You don’t have to be clever with editing; modern apps will do all the hard work for you.

  • OnlyFans audio content and non-visual content

One final way you might decide to make content without revealing your face is to just go down the audio-only route. It’s definitely more of a niche interest, but there are some amazing things you can do with audio content.

There are some great upsides to this kind of content, too. Firstly, it removes the need for a lot of the more expensive equipment if you want to create high-quality content. You don’t need an expensive camera, lighting, or to worry about sets. Instead, you can just focus on one good-quality microphone.

All the information discussed was about OnlyFans and how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Let’s get to another page of this article. Now we will explore that website, which is most secure and safe and doesn’t even need to remain anonymous to make money. And the best website that we are going to explore is FeetFinder. 

You might be familiar with this name. FeetFinder has gained significant fame on the internet for its excellent features, including safety and security, giving people the opportunity to generate income through social media marketing.

Why Should You Choose FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a unique platform that caters to the growing demand for foot-related content. This niche market has seen a significant increase in popularity recently, with more and more people seeking high-quality foot photos and videos.

There is undeniable potential for earning money on FeetFinder. With the proper approach, you can transform this opportunity into a successful side job or even a full-time source of income.

Feet Finder is truly the best choice of foot models, as it is beneficial for sellers for more than one reason. The newly launched features, the easy structure of the website, the safest environment, and the benefits to the sellers make FeetFinder the best choice for foot models. Feet Finder is the best place for foot models because it allows all types of categories of feet to be sold online. There is a place for all types of feet and their buyers.

What Makes FeetFinder the Best Platform

Here are some points that make it clear what makes FeetFinder the best platform to sell foot pictures.

  • Easy Structure

The website is easy to use, and no qualification is required to use and join FeetFinder. This allows foot models to access all the features of the website and be successful in the industry. While other websites have a complex structure that is not easy for foot models, It is very easy to use all the features of the website, as they have made it user-friendly. Some people want to earn money online but don’t have enough education, but on this platform, they can also earn well.

  • Personal Information Security

The information you provide to FeetFinder, such as your email address, phone number, and ID, is secure. The website spent a lot of time and money to ensure it was legit and trusted. You can make settings in your account according to your needs, and those will never be seen by other users. The phone number and email used by the website allow you to receive notifications to respond to messages.

  • Help to be Successful

Feet Finder provides tips and tutorials on how to be a successful foot model on its website. They help by telling them what to do and what not to do to be successful. Additionally, the website has its own official YouTube channel, which you can access at any time and get instructions from. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel for free and get tips.

  • Anonymous Feet Models

Some users are doing foot business openly, while others may not want to show their identity or face. So FeetFinder is providing them with the facility to work on the platform anonymously. You can choose the user name of your choice and sell only feet pictures, excluding faces or other identities. While this is entirely dependent on the feet, model what they want to show in the content and what not.

  • Post premium content

Now the website permits its premium package holders to post audio, text, photos, and videos on their profiles. Buyers and other users are allowed to see your content only after paying a specific amount to the seller. The amount to access the premium content is decided by the foot models, and buyers have to subscribe. When buyers subscribe to your foot profile to access the content, you will earn a monthly income. They can still buy content from you if they like to.

  • Benefits to Feet Models

As a foot model, you will be able to get packages that provide you with the latest features to earn money successfully. They will attract buyers for you, which reduces the cost of marketing and saves you time. The website is a marketplace for you, and you have time to generate quality content.

You have to pay a subscription fee for the package on the website, but the cost is reasonable and leads to tons of benefits for the users. The amount they collect from sellers is invested to benefit the foot model, so it is the best choice for foot models.


It’s certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme, and guys won’t just hand money over for nothing. It is important to manage your expectations when it comes to findom. Every Findom journey has its share. With the provided tips and guidelines, you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. OnlyFans feet pics do have demand, but the OnlyFans website has more vulnerable, adult content material that might lead to mental and physical harassment.

If you want to flaunt your beautiful feet in a very secure way, then the best website is FeetFinder. FeetFinder gives you safety and security, 100% assurance of your privacy, the ability to sell feet pics without getting scammed, and many more. There are many FeetFinder reviews that confirm the reputation of this app. Also, this app helps with FeetFinder hacks and tips that will guide you to earn a lot of money in a very short period of time.