Is Fun With Feet a Real Site?

As a foot model looking for apps to get paid for feet pics, you’re always on the hunt for reputable sites where you can safely sell your pics. So when Fun with Feet pops up promising quick bucks for photos of your toes, you’re intrigued. But hold up just a second! You’ve gotta ask: is Fun with Feet a real site or just a scam to swipe your hard-earned money? 

Well lucky for you, we’ve done the digging to sniff out the truth. Stick with us to uncover what’s going on with Fun with Feet and how to keep your precious piggies and payment protected. You’ll be jumping for joy you didn’t get duped once we lay it all out!

Is Fun With a Real Site?- Start From Basics

If you’re looking to sell pics without getting scammed, you’ve probably come across Fun With Feet. But beware, this shady site is just trying to scam you! Unlike reputable platforms like FeetFinder, Fun With Feet charges exorbitant fees and rarely actually connects sellers with buyers.

Stay Away From Their “Membership”

Fun With Feet will try to lure you in with promises of big earnings if you just pay for their “premium membership”. Don’t fall for it! This overpriced scam provides no real benefit and the fees just line the pockets of the scammers behind the site. You’re much better off using a low-fee platform like FeetFinder where you keep 90% of your earnings and still enjoy advanced features and protective nature.

They Don’t Have Buyers

The truth is, Fun With Feet has virtually no real members or foot pic customers. They fabricate messages from “interested buyers” to trick you into thinking you’ll make sales if you sign up for their membership. But buyers don’t exist! The site is a total sham.

Instead of wasting your time and money on Fun With Feet, head over to It’s a trusted, reputable website where you can connect with real foot pic buyers, set your prices, and earn great money – all without any hassle! Don’t get scammed, get paid. Choose FeetFinder!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- Red Flags

Before you fork over your hard-earned cash to sell feet pics on the internet, make sure you go in with your eyes wide open. 

Shady Site Design

Have you seen their website? It looks like something from the early 2000s. No legit company today has a site that is outdated and unprofessional. Major red flag!

No Contact Info

Try finding a phone number, address, or even the name of someone in charge. You can’t, can you? And even if you find any, you can’t trace them back. Shady sites like this stay anonymous so they can take your money and run.

Promises of Big Bucks

Fun With Feet tells you that you can make thousands per month selling pics of your feet. Please! No one gets rich overnight, especially not by selling pics of their feet on a sketchy website. Don’t believe the hype.

Pushy Sales Tactics

Ever get messages from Fun With Feet pressuring you to sign up quickly before the “promotion” ends? This reeks of a scam. Legit companies don’t need to use high-pressure tactics.

The final answer to the question is Fun with Feet a real site is NO. Fun With Feet throws up more red flags than a referee at a football game. Save your feet (and your money) for a reputable site like FeetFinder. 

How Fun With Feet Differs From Legitimate Sites Like FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a highly reputable feet pic selling website that puts models’ safety and security first. Fun With Feet, on the other hand, is shady as heck and only cares about tricking naïve models out of their hard-earned money.

1. Zero Efficiency

On FeetFinder, models keep 85-90% of their earnings but still enjoy major perks like website updation, marketing handled by the FeetFinder team, and weekly cash giveaways. 

Fun With Feet, however, charges models $9.99 and $14.99 in so-called “subscription fees” for things like marketing and promotion. But in reality, they just pocket most of the money and do nothing to promote or protect models or drive sales. What a scam!

2. No Payout Guarantees

Legit sites like FeetFinder guarantee regular payouts to models, ensuring you get paid for your content within 3-5 business days from the submission of the payout request. 

Fun With Feet offers no such guarantees. Many models report going months without receiving payment, only to eventually be told their accounts have been “deactivated for inactivity”. So what is your opinion on the question Is Fun with Feet a real site?

3. Zero Model Support

Hey girl, listen up! Fun with Feet may seem appealing with its flashy website and promises of big payouts, but don’t be fooled. Their customer service is practically non-existent. Fun With Feet offers no support or guidance. They just want your content and money, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Unlike FeetFinder, which provides 24/7 support for all your foot pic selling needs, Fun with Feet will leave you high and dry. FeetFinder provides amazing support to help new models get started, including guides on how to take the best photos, set competitive prices, build your fanbase, and more. 

4. No Help When You Need It

If you ever run into issues uploading photos, getting paid, or dealing with difficult customers, you’re on your own. Emails go unanswered for days and Fun with Feet’s chat support might as well be run by robots. How are you supposed to feel confident selling your pics without support? 

FeetFinder has real people ready to help solve any problem and make sure your experience is amazing.

5. Payments Delayed and Denied

The worst part is when Fun with Feet decides not to pay you for sales with no explanation. After putting in all the work to take photos and build your profile, getting stiffed on payments is unacceptable. 

FeetFinder deposits earnings directly into your account each week like clockwork because they value the time and effort you put into your business.

6. Time is Money

Leave Fun with Feet in the dust and start making real money on a site built to help you succeed. Why waste time struggling and stressing on a site that doesn’t care about you or your financial success? Life is too short, hun! 

Head over to FeetFinder where the support is unbeatable, the payments are reliable with Segpay and Paxum, and the community will welcome you with open arms. You deserve a foot pic selling experience that will have you smiling from head to toe! 

7. Strict Content Restrictions

Not only do they take most of the money, but Fun with Feet also places ridiculous restrictions on the types of content sellers can post. Things like no nudity (even implied!), no tattoos or piercings visible, and no smoking allowed. They scrutinize every photo and video and reject a huge portion of submissions. How are sellers supposed to express themselves and connect with their fans with so many prudish rules?

In contrast to this FeetFinder allows adult content and you can show your face, piercings, tattoos, or any identifying thing in feet pics at your risk. So You never have to think while capturing the feet pics.

8. Little Transparency

The worst part is, that Fun with Feet operates with little transparency. Sellers have no idea how they calculate payouts or determine what content gets rejected. When a photo or video is rejected, the reason given is usually vague. Sellers are left in the dark and at the mercy of their unreasonable policies.

While Fun with Feet markets itself as a platform for foot models to make money with iphone and build their brand, in reality, it seems far more interested in exploiting sellers to line their own pockets. Your time and content are far better spent on FeetFinder, where you’ll get a fair shake and the freedom to express yourself. Stay away from the scam that is Fun with Feet!

Is Fun With Feet a Real Site? FAQs on Avoiding Scams

So you’ve heard the buzz about is Fun with Feet a real site or just trying to scam you. We’re here to give you the inside scoop!

They claim to be a community for foot models to connect with buyers, but in reality, they just take your money and run. Their site looks flashy but it’s just a front to steal your hard-earned cash. Don’t fall for their tricks!

Stick with reputable sites like FeetFinder instead. They care about their models and work hard to connect you with real buyers. At FeetFinder, you keep 90% of your earnings and get paid every week. They do the marketing so you can focus on the fun part – showing off those cute little piggies!

Q. How can you spot the scam?

A. Shady sites like Fun With Feet will ask for upfront fees before you’ve even made a sale. They’ll claim it’s for “profile promotion” or other empty promises. Don’t pay a cent until you’ve been paid for your content! Legit foot pic selling platforms only take a small percentage of sales, not upfront fees.

They also have flashy ads and make big promises about huge payouts. Do some research on review sites to see what real users say. Fun With Feet has tons of bad reviews and warnings about being scammed.

Stick with reputable, trusted platforms like FeetFinder. They have been connecting foot models and fans for over 5 years and have a proven track record of real payouts and happy customers. Why risk getting scammed when you can work with a site you can trust?

So in summary, steer clear of Fun With Feet and other scammy sites. Come join the FeetFinder community – we’ll treat you right and help you make real money from your irresistible feet!


You’ve seen it all now – Fun With Feet is nothing but a scam trying to steal your hard-earned cash! Don’t let them fool you into giving up your feet pics for pennies. You deserve so much more! Head over to FeetFinder instead for fair pay and a community that cherishes what you have to offer. Become a proud FeetFinder model today! 

You have gorgeous feet people want to see. Take hold of your destiny and start making real money in a safe, supportive place. The choice is clear – stay far away from shady Fun With Feet and join the FeetFinder family. We can’t wait to see those toes!mak