Is Fun With Feet a Scam?

You’re a fun-loving foot fetishist looking for some sexy soles to admire. So one question strikes your mind while you surf the internet, is Fun With Feet a scam? Beware the popular site Fun With Feet promises titillating toes but delivers nothing but trouble. 

We’ve got the inside tip on this sketchy platform. Grab some popcorn and get ready to dive into the dirty details. You’ll be shocked at just how shady things get behind the scenes. And if you want the best alternative to Fun With Feet, then trust us FeetFinder is the best place to sell feet pics and make money.

From corrupt execs to con artist clients, it’s a haven for scammers and creeps. We’ve uncovered the whole sordid story. Join us on this wild ride into the seedy underbelly of Fun With Feet. 

You’ll never look at foot photos the same way again after learning how deep the deception goes. Think twice before signing up and forking over your hard-earned cash – the truth will appall you!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- Let’s Find Out the Truth

Ever heard of Fun With Feet? Well, you’re in for a shock. This seemingly innocent platform is notorious for fraud and deception. Founded by scammers looking to make a quick buck, Fun With Feet lures in unsuspecting sellers with promises of high sales, a secured environment, and no hassle at rock-bottom prices. But don’t be fooled – it’s all a scam!

Bogus Bargains Galore

Once you sign up, you’ll find page after page of deals that seem too good to be true. And you know what they say about things that seem too good to be true! The buyers of Fun With Feet are cheap counterfeits at best and don’t even exist at worst. No matter how high-quality the photos are, you’ll end up disappointed.

Where Did My Money Go?

Fun With Feet is notorious for charging high fees for customers and then never actually providing them the service they deserve. They take your payment info upfront but have yet to intend to help you with anything. By the time you realize you’ve been duped, they’ve disappeared with your hard-earned cash!

The truth is, that Fun With Feet solely exists to scam people out of their money. Everything about this shady platform, from the false advertising to the nonexistent customer service, is designed to defraud unsuspecting sellers. Do yourself a favor and avoid Fun With Feet like the plague!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- Questionable Business Practices

Many people are questioning, Is Fun With Feet a Scam? So let us show you the real face of Fun with Feet.

The Prevalence of Scammers on the Platform

If a business platform has too many scammers, something isn’t right. At Fun With Feet, scammers run rampant. From shady founders to dubious buyers, scams appear around every corner. You may get excited when someone wants to buy your feet pics, only to have them demand a refund or chargeback after receiving the feet pics. The risk of getting scammed as a seller on Fun With Feet is huge.

Excessive Fees That Eat Into Your Profits

Not only do you have to watch out for scammers as a seller, but Fun With Feet also charges enormous fees that gobble up your earnings. Between $9.99 for 3 Months of selling and $14.99 for 6 Months of selling, you could end up paying 20-30% of your sale price to Fun With Feet. As a small business owner, fees this high are simply unsustainable. And especially when you just don’t make any sales, through Fun with Feet.

Little to No Customer Support

If you do get scammed or encounter other issues as a seller, don’t expect much help from Fun With Feet’s customer support. They are notoriously unresponsive and unhelpful. You may wait weeks or even months to get a response, only to receive a generic, unhelpful reply. For a platform that profits so handsomely off sellers’ fees, Fun With Feet invests little into actually supporting their customers.

With rampant scammers, excessive fees, and poor customer service, selling on Fun With Feet seems too risky for most small businesses. Unless major improvements are made, you’re probably better off selling on FeetFinder. 

The truth about Fun With Feet is that they care more about profits than people. Your business deserves a platform that will actually support your success, not work against you at every turn.

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- Reveal Fake Profiles and Bots Running Rampant

This scammy website is totally overrun with fake profiles and bots posing as real people. As soon as you sign up, your inbox will be flooded with messages from seemingly interested matches. But don’t get too excited! 

These are just bots programmed to reel you in and get you to pay for a membership. Plus many Fun with Feet seller reviews report that they are not able to open their inbox, no matter how hard they try.

Bots, Bots Everywhere!

The majority of profiles and messages on Fun with Feet are generated by bots, not real people. These bots are designed to appear like authentic profiles so you engage with the site. Don’t be fooled by a pretty profile pic or flirty intro message.

Upselling Around Every Corner

The whole purpose of the bots and fake profiles is to upsell you into buying a paid membership. They want you to think there are tons of potential matches waiting, so you have to pay to connect with them. In reality, most of the activity and interest you see on the site is fabricated. Don’t fall for their underhanded sales tactics and misleading marketing.

Your Info Isn’t Safe Here

On top of the rampant fraud, your personal information and photos aren’t secure or private on Fun with Feet. They claim to verify profiles and protect your data but in reality do little to prevent hacking, scams, and privacy violations. Your information could easily end up in the hands of third parties for advertising or other shady purposes.

Fun with Feet is overrun with dishonest bots, fake profiles, and scammers looking to separate you from your money. Our advice? Run far away from this scammy site and stick with reputable platforms where you’ll actually find real people and form genuine connections. You deserve way better than what this scam site could ever offer! This is why we recommend FeetFinder as they solve all the complaints that people make about Fun with Feet.

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- The Impact on Sellers

You spent weeks creating custom photos and videos, paid subscription and listing fees and got excited about your new business venture. Then the orders came rolling in! Except…the buyers never actually paid. Your hard work and investment went down the drain thanks to the scammers running furiously on Fun with Feet.

Financial Losses

The money you shelled out to get your profile up and running is now lost forever. Some sellers report losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in wasted subscriptions or scammers who overpaid on purpose. Talk about infuriating! All that time and money was stolen by shifty fraudsters.

Emotional Distress

On top of the financial hit, there’s the emotional letdown. You were eager to start this new business and looking forward to interacting with real customers. Instead, you got tricked by con artists who never intended to buy anything. The excitement and motivation you originally felt have been replaced by feelings of disappointment, frustration, and distrust in the platform.

Damaged Trust in the Platform

After being scammed, many sellers lose faith in Fun with Feet entirely. They feel the company does not do enough to prevent fraud and protect sellers, so they take their business elsewhere or stop selling feet pics online altogether. This further impacts Fun with Feet’s reputation and bottom line.

The actions of unscrupulous buyers have severely damaging effects that ripple outward. Sellers suffer direct losses and emotional angst, their trust in the platform is broken, and Fun with Feet’s success and credibility take a hit. 

Is Fun With Feet a Scam? Our Verdict

The short answer? Absolutely! After investigating Fun With Feet in depth, we have concluded without a doubt that this platform is completely untrustworthy and designed solely to scam innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

Shady Business Practices

Fun With Feet employs shady tactics, like false advertising and misleading information on their website to attract sellers. They make big promises about huge payouts and lots of work, but in reality, most “models” earn little to nothing and struggle to even get approved to work with them. The whole operation seems very cloak and dagger, with little transparency into how they make money in NYC as a student or compensate their workers. Major red flag!

Rampant Fraud and Non-Payment

The worst part is that, even if you do get approved and start working with Fun With Feet, there’s a high chance you’ll never actually get paid. Their platform is rife with reports of models completing work for days or even weeks and never receiving compensation. When confronted, Fun With Feet either ignores the complaints or blames “technical issues” and promises to pay at a later date—but the money never comes.

Steer Clear of This Scam!

With so many legitimate and ethical companies to work with, there’s no reason to risk getting involved with a shady scam like Fun With Feet. Their practices are unethical, harmful, and in some cases even illegal. Do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs. Your time, money, and mental health will thank you!

Fun With Feet fails to meet even the most basic ethical standards and appears to exist solely to take advantage of vulnerable people. Our verdict? Total scam. Stay far away!

Steps FeetFinder Takes to Prevent Scams

FeetFinder ensures all members have an amazing experience by taking fraud prevention very seriously. They vet each new seller to verify their identity and make sure everything’s on the up and up.

Rigorous Verification Process

Verification process

All new sellers go through a strict verification process, submitting a government ID and a selfie with the Government ID for review. FeetFinder’s team thoroughly checks each submission to confirm the seller’s identity before allowing them to list items. This prevents scammers from creating fake accounts to trick buyers or minors into accessing the website.

Terms and Conditions

Active Monitoring

FeetFinder actively monitors all listings and user activity to detect suspicious behavior quickly. Their dedicated trust and safety team uses advanced technology to scan for signs of fraud. If anything seems off, they take action right away to avoid issues.

Proactive Protection

FeetFinder takes a proactive stance against scams by using the latest anti-fraud tools and techniques. They analyze trends across the community to anticipate new scam tactics before they start. When FeetFinder spots a new threat, it updates its systems immediately to block it. Their cutting-edge prevention systems stop most scams before they even happen!

Responsive Support

FeetFinder’s support team is here for you anytime. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a transaction or encounter suspicious activity, report it immediately. FeetFinder’s dedicated anti-fraud agents will investigate right away and take all necessary actions to resolve the issue, safeguarding you and the community.

Security Protocols and Policies

Is FeetFinder Safe?

From PCI-compliant security, encrypted servers, third-party firewalls, and CCPA, to DMCA policy and many more help protect sellers from any illegal activities, data leakage, or scams.

FeetFinder is committed to building the safest marketplace possible. Their vigilance and responsiveness give you the freedom to buy and sell feet pics on the internet with total confidence. Let FeetFinder handle the scammers so you can focus on the fun!

Safe and Easy Payouts

The payout partners of FeetFinder are the most trusted worldwide, they already have made millions of payouts to multiple models along the coast. You have to submit the payout request once you cross $30 sales, and within 3-5 business days your amount will be debited to your bank.


You did it! Now you’re fully equipped with the shocking truth about Fun With Feet. Armed with this insider knowledge, you can confidently avoid their shady schemes. Wave goodbye to wasted money and headaches – your feet deserve better! So treat yourself to an honest foot care experience. One that brings real joy, not regret. 

FeetFinder is a platform built on integrity, where your sole focus is self-care and pampering. You have the power to choose where you spend your time and money. And you, my friend, deserve only the very best. The choice is clear. Listen to that little voice in your head telling you to steer clear of Fun With Feet.