Sell Feet Pics on Snapchat

Do you have beautiful feet? Do you want to make money by showing them off? And you even decided to sell feet pics on Snapchat?

Wait! wait!! wait!!!

Give your thought a full stop and let’s clear out some questions that might raise problems after signing up on Snapchat. Though Snapchat is an easy way to earn money from the comfort of your home, it has its setbacks which insist on searching for the better option. The key is using a platform like FeetFinder to sell feet pics without getting scammed, which makes it simple to set up your account, upload pics, and start making sales right away.

FeetFinder handles all the annoying parts like payment processing and customer service so you can focus on taking glamorous shots of your drop-dead gorgeous feet. In just a few clicks you will have an eye-filling profile set up and off to a good start to turning your feet into a money-making machine. What are you waiting for? Show off those sexy soles and start living the dream of a foot-fetish entrepreneur.

So before you decide to sell feet pics on Snapchat, let us go through some strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

Pluses & Minuses to Sell Feet Pics on Snapchat

If you sell feet pics on Snapchat, you will enjoy some perks, but there are a few downsides that may turn out to be a major drawback for any foot model. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of selling feet pics on Snapchat so you can decide if it’s right for you!

Pros of Using Snapchat

  1. Snapchat is super popular, especially with younger users, so you will have a huge potential customer base.
  2. People are on Snapchat to share quick photos and messages, so they are primed to view and purchase your feet pics. 

  3. Snapchat also makes it easy to build your following by promoting your username on other social media platforms. 

  4. Your followers will get notified as soon as you post a new photo or story, so they can view your latest pics right away.

  5. Another benefit is Snapchat’s temporary nature. Photos and messages disappear quickly, giving your customers a sense of urgency to view and buy your content before it’s gone. This can spur more sales and encourage your followers to act fast so they don’t miss out.

  6. Finally, Snapchat is free to use. You can sign up, build your profile, share photos and messages, and make sales without paying any fees. 

Despite a long list of advantages many foot models avoid to sell feet pics on Snapchat, let’s explore what is the reason behind this. 

Cons of Using Snapchat

  1. Unfortunately, Snapchat isn’t designed specifically for selling adult content like foot pics. They have strict rules against nudity and sexually explicit content. If they find out you are about to sell feet pics on Snapchat, they can ban your account.

  2. You also can’t link to an external website or payment processor, so you must handle all sales and payments outside the app. It eventually means there is a huge chance of being scammed.

  3. As you know every coin has two sides, similarly, Snapchat’s temporary nature also has its disadvantages. Your content and any messages or transaction details will disappear quickly. This can make it difficult to keep records or handle any customer service issues that come up. 

  4. And because Snapchat is open to all ages, you can run the risk of minors following and contacting you, even if you specify an age requirement.

While Snapchat does have some advantages for promoting and selling foot pics, the risks and downsides are significant. Unless you go in with realistic expectations about the challenges, you may end up frustrated or even banned from the platform.

For a safer and more effective solution, consider using a dedicated marketplace like FeetFinder instead. They have the audience and tools. And support to help your foot pic selling business grow!

Now since you have gone through a detailed review of Snapchat, let’s perk into the world of FeetFinder.

Why is FeetFinder Better than Snapchat?

Have you been thinking about dipping your toes into selling feet pics but aren’t sure where to start? Look no further than FeetFinder, the premium website for sharing and selling photos of your precious piggies! FeetFinder is way better than Snapchat for several reasons.

First of all, FeetFinder is designed specifically with foot models and foot lovers in mind. They understand what both sides are looking for and make it easy to connect. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a general social media app not focused on fetish content. It is similar to Instagram, you can’t sell feet pics on Instagram and be a millennial but instead, you can use it to promote your FeetFinder profile. You will get more visibility and interest in your photos on a platform built for feet.

On FeetFinder you have complete control over your photos. You get to choose which pics you post and which pics can be seen by which customer. With Snapchat, you have no control over who sees your pics or what they do with them once sent. Yikes!

FeetFinder also has tons of features made for foot models like you! You can easily set your prices for photos, videos, and custom requests. Plus FeetFinder has dedicated platforms through which you can make transactions more securely- Segpay or Paxum. Snapchat just can’t compete with these awesome tools for building your foot modeling biz.

Though FeetFinder charges a subscription fee for sellers, they use it wisely just to increase your exposure. They handle the marketing part and even have weekly giveaway contests where they pay out a fixed amount of prize cash to the user who engages with FeetFinder’s other social media accounts. So your money never goes out, it just takes a turn.

Subscription Fee

Basic Plan: $4.99 Monthly, $14.99 Annually, $40 Lifetime

Premium Plan: $14.99 Monthly, $49.99 Annually, $80 Lifetime

Most importantly, FeetFinder values your privacy and security. They go above and beyond to protect your identity and ensure all interactions between buyers and sellers are consensual. You never have to worry about your friends and family finding out about your foot modeling side gig! Snapchat on the other hand is linked to your personal information and friends list. Your privacy would be at risk.

There are many apps to get paid for feet pics but each one of them has some disadvantages same as we saw above on Snapchat. However, according to FeetFinder Reviews, no user has ever been scammed about payments. Each and every user has got their payment credited to their account, that too without ever disclosing their details to any third party.

Don’t miss your window! Join FeetFinder today, you have so much wonderful content to share with all your future fans out there! FeetFinder will give you the platform and support you need to become a star. Snapchat could never. Happy Foot Modelling!

Now as you are sorted with your final decision, tips and tricks given below will help you fly high the feet selling niche.

How to Take Attractive Foot Photos & Videos for Snapchat?

You want to flaunt your feet in the best possible way, right? Well, the key to sell feet pics on Snapchat or FeetFinder is taking photos and short clips that highlight your assets! Follow these tips to have your followers begging for more.

1. Get a Pedicure

Make sure your toes are trimmed, filed, and buffed to perfection. Get a bright, eye-pleasing color painted on. Red and pink are always popular choices. Your feet will look irresistible!

2. Find Good Lighting 

Natural light from a window is best. Sit so the light illuminates your feet from the front or side. Avoid harsh overhead lighting which can create unflattering shadows. Softer, diffused light will make your feet glow.

3. Choose an Interesting Pose

Prop your feet up on a footrest or stool, cross your ankles, or point your toes. Bend one knee for a casual yet fascinating pose. Capture your feet from different angles- top view, side view, and ¾ view. Mix up your foot poses for selling feet pics immediately and to keep things interesting for your followers.

4. Take Both Photos & Short Video Clips

Photos are great but short video clips, like 10 -15 seconds long, really allow your followers to appreciate your feet from all sides. Gently wiggle your toes, curl and uncurl your soles, or slide your feet from side to side. Teasing your followers with these marvelous feet videos ideas will have them pleading for private shows!

5. Use Fun Props

Place a flower between your toes, drape a string of pearls over your ankles, or slip on a pair of sexy heels. Props add visual interest and give followers a glimpse into your personality. Get creative with items you have around the house!

With the right technique and regular posting of irresistible feet pics and clips, you will build up a loyal base of followers on Snapchat. And the more followers you gain, the more opportunities you’ll have to sell custom photos and videos.

Another important aspect when you decide to sell feet pics on Snapchat or FeetFinder is Setting Prices. Let’s talk in the next section about this.

Setting Prices & Maximising Profits Selling Feet Content 

The key to maximizing your profits is setting competitive prices and offering bundles and promotions to keep your fans coming back for more!

Pricing Your Pics

As a new foot model, you will want to price your pics on the lower end of the scale, around $5 to $10 per photo, to attract new customers. Snap a variety of poses and angles, including close-ups of your arches, toes, and soles to give your fans options to choose from. Offer bundle deals like 5 photos for $20 or 10 for $30 to increase sales.

Once you have built up a loyal fan base, you can start increasing your prices. Many experienced foot models on FeetFinder charge between $15 to $30 per photo. The more niche and explicit the content, the higher you can price. Customers will pay a premium for one-of-a-kind photos of acts like foot worship, trampling, or smothering.

Run Promotions & Contest

Promotions and contests are a great way to gain new followers, engage with your fans, and boost sales. Run a “Fan of the Month” contest where the winner gets a free custom set of photos. Offer limited-time bundle deals around holidays like “12 Days of Feetmas” with a special photo collection. You can also do flash sales with 50% off for the first 10 buyers.

Once your follower count starts climbing into thousands, you will have a steady stream of sales and can raise your prices significantly. The top foot models on FeetFinder make over $10000 a month selling photos, custom videos, worn items, and more. While it takes time to build up your reputation and following, selling feet pics can be an extremely lucrative side hustle if you’re willing to put in the effort to keep your fans coming back for your hottest content. 


Well, there you have it! You now have all the knowledge needed to become a successful feet pic seller. Sign up and sell feet pics on FeetFinder today to get started. FeetFinder is the reputed platform for selling feet pics and is far better than dealing with the headache to sell feet pics on Snapchat.

On FeetFinder, you will have access to a huge audience of foot lovers willing to pay top dollar for photos of your feet. More eyes on your feet means more sales and more money in your pocket or should we say sock!